It was in the early morning hours that I had a visitation from the Lord. It began with a dream in which I was entering the back door of a house built on a steep mountainside. There were many Christian people there with something spiritual trying to take place, but I am not sure what it was, or why I was even there. I was being led around by a man and woman whom I believed were the pastor and his wife as I walked from room to room looking around and greeting people. However, there was a noticeable lack of Christian love and fellowship of the Holy Spirit among the people, and I felt a sense of bewilderment as they seemed to be spiritually dead.

            In the dream I next found myself standing outside in front of the house with the pastor. I observed that the front yard rose up the steep mountainside to a road which was about 75 feet further up the mountain. Then I turned back toward the house to thumb-tack a handwritten notice I'd found in my hand onto the wooden railing on the front porch.

            At that point I was startled to suddenly see bright flashes of white light upon the front of the house somewhat like the quick pulsating light of a welder's torch. At the same time I heard a frightful grunting noise from the pastor who stood nearby looking uphill toward the road. As I turned around in wonderment, I immediately fell to my knees and lifted my arms in reverential worship, for up on the road was the awesome spectacle of the Glorious refining fire of God! Instantly my total being was captivated and consumed in worship to this splendorous presence of the Living God!

            At once, this stately Train of Fire began proceeding majestically with supernatural precision from left to right on the narrow road. The flames in the front part, about a fifth of its 25 foot length, were sovereignly leaping upward some 15 feet high. They were waving in an undulating fashion in leading this glorious procession of the consuming Fire of God. The remainder of the Train consisted of Fire from hundreds of bright white cylinders about three inches in diameter and five feet high. These flame-shooting pipes were set in precise rows from side to side and front to rear in an unfathomable display of God's perfect unity. Six feet high flames were shooting straight up from these awe-inspiring vessels of God's Fire

            The train had a symmetrical unity and covered the road from side to side. While its overall color was bluish-orange, it looked transparent in the front where it rose up so majestically. I watched in awe as it paraded along with a quick cadenced like military perfection, appearing like a Grand and Glorious Train of God's Presence, in the form of His Holy Fire.

            Then I saw more of the very same fire on a distant secondary road on the mountain. This Fire was heading to merge together with the Fire I saw on the front road. Both Fires were forging ahead in such grandeur, I knew without question that this was the awesome, refining Fire of the Almighty God! No earthly fire could ever display such perfectly defined and complete majesty!

            In the dream I then saw two 50's era sedan autos on the road speeding away from the fire, one behind the other. They were wildly fleeing as the Fire was about to overtake and engulf them like a giant ocean wave. It seemed that the cars were filled with people who were terrorized by the Fire. As I watched, the first car ran off the road at high speed down the mountainside heading for destruction into some large trees. The other raced recklessly straight ahead to an impending doom. I sensed a terrible terror and frenzy in the cars as they were desperately trying to escape.

            The fire, from which I felt no heat, was confined to the roads in this very short dream which then ended suddenly. In that my full attention was affixed to the glorious grandeur of the refining Fire and the fleeing autos, I have no further recollection of the pastor with whom I was standing.