I awoke and pondered this wondrous dream the Holy Spirit had given. It was 2:59AM as I sat up on the side of my bed lifting my hands in worship. At this time I had a greater reverential fear of God than I'd ever known and instinctively I proclaimed the name of Jesus, the Blood, and the Holiness of God. I thought that Jesus or an angel was going to appear and I felt so small, so puny in the fear of the Lord, in comparison to His greatness and vastness.

            I soon began to praise and worship Him with His Word as recorded in the Psalms.  I felt a sense of sorrow for those who don't know the Word of God, because I felt they may be very limited or unable to worship fully when they stand before His presence. Yet there seemed to be a muddling of my thoughts and I experienced some difficulty in trying to speak. Nevertheless, as the time went on, I began to feel a bit of comforting compatibility with my Creator, and I began to sense the goodness and mercy of the Father's heart toward me.

            Then I felt the impression,“Write, write, write.” So I picked up my flashlight, pencil, and writing pad and prostrated myself in reverence before the Lord. It was with unprecedented anticipation that I began to write the following words that were impressed upon me. They came just a few at a time and took almost an hour for me to receive and record. I asked God to allow me to record only what He had said. Accordingly, I am comfortable and compelled to share this as a word from the Lord!

            “The Day of My return is near. Therefore I want you to proclaim that I am God and beside Me there is no other. That in Me is life and in Me alone. I came that they might have life and have it more abundantly and I am coming again. Be aware (or beware) lest I come and smite you with a curse.(I spontaneously and incredulously interjected, ‘Me Lord’?) No. You are My servant and all may be My servant but the choice is theirs.

            “In the beginning, My plan was to redeem all mankind from the grip of the enemy, and it is still My heart's desire that it would be so. But tell My people that only those who have faith in My Name will I draw unto Myself. The rest will I smite with a curse.I Am the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob and from within Me came My Son Jesus. I Am the God of Jesus — I Am Jesus!”

            “In Me there is fullness of life (write, In Me there is fullness of life) and apart from Me is fullness of death. Tell My people, tell all people that My heart's desire is that they come to Me. I will in no wise cast them out as they come to Me — I mean — come to Me with all their heart, not just a piece of it. Unless they give Me their heart to refashion, even as a potter refashions the clay. Tell everyone that I will water the clay of their heart that I may refashion it unto the fashion of My heart. It is only those who surrender, who allow Me. “I am finished, I am finished, I am finished.”

            With the visitation now over, I slowly got up from the floor and returned to my bed, astonished but very much humbled. It was about 4:20 A.M. I soon awoke at 8:00 A.M. with a trembling and shaking in my entire body which remained throughout most of the next day. Tears were flowing as I shared this visitation with my wife.