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A beautiful testimony of one man’s God-given spiritual awakening from man-made religious bondage to a profound Christ-centered freedom. You will read of many, many miracles of healing in a foreign land through his new found faith!


Comments from readers:

“Excellent, excellent, excellent”; “What a blessing”;

“Best book I ever read”; “What a series of testimonies”;

“We love your book”; “Believe me, I couldn’t put it down”;
“A book never to be forgotten”; “I read it in one sitting”;

“Your expression was very clear”; “My mother marveled at your faith”; “The day after buying your book, I bought a Bible”; “I read it a little at a time, hoping it wouldn’t end”;

“I stayed up till 3am to finish it”


Foreword by The Happy Hunters

Commendations by Merlin Carothers & Evelyn Roberts


To Know, Love, & Serve God

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