Prophetically Speaking

The Lord began restoring His Church in the days of Martin Luther.

To date this renewal has included

The doctrines of salvation by grace to be ‘born again’ —

Baptism by immersion — sanctification for holiness — evangelistic zeal —

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit to pray in a new language —

Moving in the gifts of the Spirit —

And restoration of the apostle and prophet

To co-labor with the evangelist, pastor and teacher,

To equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11).      


 Today, the mission of this ministry is to inspire God’s people

To awaken to this ongoing renewal and manifest the Gospel of the Kingdom

In the Marketplace, as well as in the Church. 

Jesus taught that this would happen before the end of the age,

When He comes again to Rule (Mt 24:14). 


We believe the days of the Church spectator and one man leader have passed.

  The Lord desires everyone to be actively witnessing for Him.

A good way to begin to know His will and move out into your ministry (Mt 7:21)

 Is to learn to discern His Voice (John 10:4).

Everyone has weekly opportunity to "hear" then share His voice in the activation.