Being impressed with Dr. Hamon's character and his vision for what the Church ought to be, they began to make regular visits to CI in Santa Rosa Beach, (an eight to nine hour drive from Bradenton) for conferences, and in October 1993 they were licensed to the ministry with CI. The prophetic training they received there was causing them to be more sensitive to the voice of the Lord, and it wasn't long before they hit pay dirt in their quest for God's will. For it was very early one morning in November 1994, after months and months of prayer on the carpet asking if they were to raise up a church in Baltimore, that the Lord suddenly and softly but very clearly spoke the word, "Sapphire" (Click for Sapphire facts). Tom had asked specifically for the first time that morning, "Lord, if we are to raise up a church in Baltimore, what would we call it?" Instantly and audibly he heard the word, "Sapphirein God's “still, small voice” (1 Kings 19:12). Tom, in absolute astonishment, thought wow! — that's a name he would never have thought of in a million years, but he knew he had heard from God! He wondered, is it Sapphire Christian Assembly or Sapphire Fellowship or what? But God knows best and in due time they chose the current name, Sapphire Family Church. 

 Then nine months later, while vacationing for two weeks in Baltimore in 1995, one August morning as Tom arose he felt the Holy Spirit clearly impress him from out of the blue: "you have a green light in God's Word and God's Will  for a church in Baltimore."  He very excitedly shared this prophetic revelation with Phyllis and they rejoiced, knowing from the teaching of their new bishop, Prophet Bill Hamon, that a third green light in God's Way would cinch it. This teaching is that "the wisdom of following the three W's — the Word, the Will and the Way (getting a green light in each) — is the most accurate method of making sure you do everything in harmony with heaven. Don't make a major move until you get a green light in all three." They looked and prayed for that third green light during the balance of their vacation, but it did not come. So it was in sadness that they returned to Bradenton. But now they knew for sure this was of God, though the 'wait' for the third green light was on!