It was just two months after that personal prophecy from the Lord while in Baltimore, that Prophet Bill Hamon prophesied to them in Florida at a Christian International ministers meeting. Without personally knowing them he spoke these words: “Arise and build My house, build My house, build My house, establish My work, fulfill My purpose saith the Lord thy God, for I am going to make a building out of you, I am going to make a building builder out of you, that you (would put) stone to stone, and you’re going to move to put brick to brick and you’re going to flow My people together, for I am giving you a Body ministry.” 

 After other exhortations, his prophecy continued: “So arise and build, and the Lord says son get your pencil and pad ready, oh woman of God get your stuff together, cause I’m about to teach you and instruct you, I’m about to give you the blueprint to fulfilling and the building of My house like I gave to Moses and like I gave to David, so I’m going to give you ideas, I’m going to give you revelation, I’m going to give you implication and activation, I’m going to give you methods and means. You’ve got My Word, you’ve got My Will, now let Me show you My Way, saith the Lord, and like Moses, I showed him My Wayand I will show you My Way saith God. As I revealed the tabernacle to Moses, I’ll reveal My revelation, My principles and My practices to you, so arise and get ready because I’ve made you builders in My kingdom and you’re going to establish My work, saith the Lord thy God!” 

  This prophetic confirmation of God's call to raise up a church in Baltimore overwhelmed them, especially since Prophet Hamon did not know, by any natural means, that the Holy Spirit had already given them a green light in God's Word and His Will. Upon returning home from the meeting, Tom excitedly got out a pad and pencil and Phyllis began to get their stuff together in Bradenton, Florida. But again, it was a waiting time. Meanwhile, a few months later, in February 1996, they met with Dr. Jim Davis, President of Christian International Network of Churches, concerning the proposed church in Baltimore. He asked them for a copy of the vision and purpose for this church and as Tom tried to share from his heart, Dr. Jim insisted it needed to be recorded. Many times afterward Tom sat down and tried to record something but it would not come.