A: To build the Church into the full character of the Captain of our Salvation, with each member denying and giving themselves fully to the work of the Lord.

B: To set each member into their proper relational position in the Body where Christ Jesus has ordained for them to be.

C: To teach, train, equip and activate each member in the giftings of the Holy Spirit admonishing them to always be ready to be useful in the work of the Lord.

D: To release the giftings and callings of God for each member through the full fivefold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers, thereby activating each member into their spiritual inheritance to fulfill their personal destiny.

E: To work with the members individually, equipping them to get all their enemies under their feet through prophetic counseling and other prophetic ministry, so that they might take full possession of their lives and dominion over the land that God has for them, teaching and preparing them to take full dominion over all the earth with God's saints when Christ Jesus returns again.

F: To become individually and corporately a local expression of the fullness of Jesus Christ in the community and the world, surpassing even the glory of the early Church age.

G: To raise up a Healing House as a place of refuge and restoration for short and long term ministry to individuals who have been bound, bruised and captive of the enemy.

H: To separate the chaff from the wheat in God's saints and to send the wheat all over the world to evangelize and establish churches as the Holy Spirit directs.

I: To instill in each member a desire to not only tithe of their income but to use their assets and/or fortunes to further God's Kingdom through this God given-work as the Holy Spirit leads.

J: To be a resource to other churches for the activation and impartation of the prophetic through seminars, teaching, training and preaching engagements.

K: To work toward developing the unity of the Holy Spirit with other churches and to co-operate with them in taking our cities and the world for Jesus Christ.

L: To be in covenant with, supportive of, and accountable to the apostles and prophets of Christian International upon whom the foundation of this church is being built, each member being established upon the foundation of Jesus Christ Himself.”

  In that Tom used letters to record the revelation, it was sometime later when they realized that the letter "L" before the last point was the twelfth in the alphabet, and that the number 12 in the Bible represents "complete & government." To understand that God had given a complete 12 point blueprint brought a sense of awe, excitement, further re-assurance and comfort. Their faith now leaped with exhilaration.