As a result of the Lord’s doings, Tom & Phyllis returned to Baltimore on August 13, 1996, after twelve (12) years of preparation and ministry out of Bradenton. To be planted in their home town once again felt somewhat surreal, but that feeling was short-lived because now they knew for sure that the Lord wanted them to raise up a church there named Sapphire. The destiny of the ministry was to prepare the way for Jesus Christ and make ready a people for His soon return. Their calling was to build God's Church to show forth His glory, His power, His love and maturity in these end times. This would be accomplished within the church with the restoration of the five-fold ministry of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. 

But surprisingly, their wait continued almost another three (3) years before the final green light was given. Nevertheless, before then, because of spiritual labor pains and in desperation, Tom tried to birth the ministry in March of 1998, feeling that he had waited long enough and was getting too old — that the time was right. But a lack of agreement among his counselors caused him to cancel the motel meeting room and abandon those plans. God would not allow it because there were still three more important signs (not shared here) that Tom needed to receive from the Lord — two of which came in October 1998 at CI and the third in January 1999 in Baltimore.