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WORDS SHARED AT CHURCH (August 15, 2021)

Pastor Tim- your heart’s desire is to call out for My fire. God says it is indeed My good pleasure to pour My fire upon you. And the Lord says as you position yourself before Me, God says raise your expectation and know that My fire is released even this day. The Lord says even as you allow the fire of My Spirit to burn the Lord says I am causing things that have held you back to break off. The Lord says I am calling things that have stood in your way to fall down as you honor Me, as you submit to Me. The Lord says My love for you is indeed My fire for you. And God says I receive your love back this day.

Pastor Brenda- I feel like right now there is breakthrough here for some of you right now. He healed me and I was able to dance by His grace. Don’t limit God and tell the devil to go back where he belongs. God is doing things here. He is shaping us, molding us, giving us breakthrough. You don’t have to stay where you are at. God is making a way for you to move forward. We just have to take that first step of faith and move out. He is doing things!

Pat W- The fire that you see today is meant for each of you. Never think that I will withhold My spirit from you. Seek Me daily that is how you connect with Me. The fire burns away the dross and purifies your soul as it ignites the spirit within you. Connect your spirit to Mine. Reach out for Me daily and I will be there for you sure in My love for you. I have chosen you to go before My throne and intercede for your nation. The boat is turning over and I need My people on the frontlines moving in quickly to proclaim My will to get rid of evil ways. I need you to intercede right now for My people who must come forth in power to uproot what has been done. This country is Mine, take your hands off of it satan. It is being ripped from you. You think you have won but you have lost. Nevermore will you hold America captive she was dedicated to Me and I will have her.

Prophetess Stephanie- You are My glory carriers. There is a lot that goes with being a glory carrier. When you have gold it shines and I am taking My polishing rag and shining all of you up because you can’t walk in this world with self-importance. My fire competes with that. If you are going to walk in humility and My fire it is time for My church to get rid of self-importance. My goodness is also My glory. When you walk in this earth people have to see My goodness. They can’t see goodness when they see self-importance. So you are crying out for fire, fire, fire, do you know what that means? It means I am coming with My fire so you better be ready for the purging and the polishing. When I give you a correction I am not causing you to be harmed but if you feel harmed emotionally it is because of My conviction. Don’t be afraid of My conviction it is so you can bring My kingdom into the earth, into the nation and into your government. There are elementary things I want My church to walk in. It is time for that to be poured out more. These are elementary things, signs, wonders and miracles, raising the dead yes! It is not necromancy but the spirit of life. The spirit of death has been released upon this nation. Renounce it, renounce it, renounce it. They want you to agree with it. Renounce it! My church shall walk in the spirit of life.

Prophetess Stephanie- a declaration to declare over us:

We decree right now that you receive a new measure of confidence and courage. You will operate in assurance and surety of who God has made you. May there be a new morale that comes over your heart and mind. In the name of Jesus we break rejection, shyness, and insecurities from having a voice in your thoughts. May you see yourself in a new light as one who is poised, able ,and capable. We say you will not have any hesitation to stand before any person or audience that you are positioned to address. We prophesy that you will walk into every situation and circumstance with assurance knowing that you are secure because the greater One lives within you. Have no fear and know that you are confident in Him. We declare that you are one who carries the miraculous upon you and that you operate in the supernatural manifestations of God for this generation. We say that heavenly science confirms the word that flows from your mouth. We decree that every hindrance and blockage that would prevent the supernatural break now in Jesus’ name. We take authority over every manmade ideology and religious tradition that would keep the mighty works of God from being displayed. We say you will come to know the supernatural attributes of God which allow you to speak with new tongues, caste out demons, raise the dead, lay hands upon the sick. May you operate in the miraculous power of the Spirit without restraint whenever the need arises and we say signs, wonders and miracles follow you in Jesus mighty name.

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