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Teacher Jon- I had an experience this week in which I felt the fluid from an injection running along the nerve from the site to my lower jaw and I could see it in the spirit realm like a lightning bolt. The Lord led me to:

6Loose your fiery lightning flashes and scatter your enemies. Overthrow them with your terrifying judgments. 7 Reach down from your heavens and rescue me from this hell and deliver me from these dark powers. 8 They speak nothing but lies; their words are pure deceit. Nothing they say can ever be trusted. 9 My God, I will sing you a brand-new song! 144:6-9 from the TPT.

I knew He was talking about the nation and the government. Father we decree and declare you are releasing your fiery lightning flashes and scattering your enemies and overthrowing them with your terrifying judgments. We (Your ecclesia) declare we do take dominion with our praise and with our decrees and declarations. It is time for your judgment to come down. I know we are getting to the place where the Red Sea is closing. I know Father that you have said the chariot wheels are coming off, the confusion is in the enemy camp and You are getting ready to close it all down. Not a single Egyptian (our captors) will survive!

Father said to me as I was getting dressed for today, take off the jewelry you put on and go get the emeralds. I know there is a curse attached to these but I changed the jewelry and put the emeralds on and He said I am redeeming the jewels. I am breaking the curse of 20 some years ago and I am redeeming all that which the enemy has held up, blocked up and delayed. Provision is now being released redeemed In the name of the Lord!

Prophetess Stephanie- It is time for shame to come off! I had some recurring symptoms from 20 years ago which was never diagnosed accurately. After 12years God healed me when I got saved. There was a shame that came with thinking there was something wrong with me. This week when they returned I asked the Lord about it and He said I am detoxing your body and I am going into the center of the center of things, the in-between places. He is revealing the in-between places that we can’t see in our government and our nation and will begin to close things back up over those Egyptians. Years ago before I was married God also delivered me from same-sex attraction which I knew was not right for me and He cut it out of me. He is a deliverer and He will deliver us and put on the last final touches since He doesn’t do anything half way. He does it fully. So whatever needs to be finished in our lives it will be finished and that Red Sea is closing up and He is good!

Pastor Tim- Even as I cause the end of Egypt (our captivity), God says know that the promise land is just ahead. I was reminded of Israel as they came out of the Red Sea their promise land was just a matter of a few days journey but because of unbelief and a bad report they wandered 40 years. God says I am closing in the Red Sea on the enemy and now is the time to take faith and step into that which I promised you. God says I am bringing faith even from My throne so you can possess the promises that I have deposited within you.

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