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Teacher Jon- You have entered a season in which I am coming as the Breaker with many suddenlies. I am breaking curses, I am breaking chains, I am taking you to a new level of freedom and deliverance. You will be given a choice, choose wisely. And then you will get to experience what you never thought possible to experience because I Am, the I Am.

Pat W- My Will will be done on this earth and you will see My glory as I impart My authority and My power to My church. Resist the enemy and He will flee for I have overcome his kingdom. Resist believing that he has won so you will see Me act. Pray for My presence and you will see it before many days. Open your hearts before My throne and I will fill them.

Jim O- all this week the color bronze has been emphasized. In scripture Jesus’ feet are described as bronze coming out of a furnace. Jesus is taking His authority to do things on the earth that we are not able to do for ourselves whether it is deliverance, breaking curses so be of good cheer.

Prophetess Stephanie- on Thursday I woke up knowing a shift had occurred for Maryland and God said Maryland is going to be a state that turns itself over to God and lead the way for others. And He said a changeover has happened and in my kitchen I saw angels encamped on a large piece of land and it was as if Maryland was empty and it was a large space of green grass and I saw the same being that I saw a few years ago and God said the “Fear of the Lord” is encamped on the land and that is what is coming upon us here. Yesterday I was in Frederick, MD walking along Carroll Creek Canal and on one of the bridges archways was painted the astrological signs on each end. I know I have authority over that and the Lord said while you are here make sure you bring My fire upon those and I saw the fire melt them away over the waterway so it does not travel to other water ways. I knew I had my prayer assignment.

Pastor Brenda- vision- I was flying and I was able to look down and I saw a twin islands that looked like two hands which had joined together with very large bodies of water surrounding them. Then I appeared to be in a round room, a large room, with large beige partitions with scripture written on them. As I read them I realized it was all about worship, praise and all about Him. As I read each one it instructed us further and I began to weep. I felt like I had to read them all. Then it began to spin and things began to change and as I worshipped I saw I was outside and it wasn’t beige but all the colors were beautiful. Beautiful trees, I could hear the birds and gorgeous flowers and I could see everything come alive around me and I just continued to worship Him. Everything came alive before me. I know that as we worship we need to move, we need to raise our hands, step out, stand up wave a flag, do something. God is calling us into a deeper place of worship. As we worship Him things are going to be broken, things will fall off and breakthrough will come. As we do this and go deeper we will experience God in a deeper way then we have ever known Him. When you take the step, He will help you take the next step. When we are in turmoil don’t feel like worshiping that is the very time we need to worship. As we worship no matter what we are going through He will rise up in us and things will be broken off of us. We may stir up the enemy but we are going to stir up the angels and stir up God and stir up the spirit within us and God will cause breakthrough. Change is on the way but we have to be willing.

Teacher Jon- So the Lord says I am taking My church up higher and I am taking you out through the walls into the world. As you ascend you ascend in worship and you descend with warfare. So if you need something to war with you have to come up higher or you will not have the proper weapons to war outside the church as I am calling you to.

Dr. Jackie- to Apostle (Pastor) Tim- You have a glow on you because you are in a different place with the Lord. You spoke about Joshua and the Lord says Joshua you have taken on the mantel of Moses but He has expanded it upon you. He has released the anointing of praise and worship upon your life. He is going to give you more instructions and directions. You will lead the people. You have a double of what He has placed upon your life. You have stepped into place this day. You have stepped into place this day. You have stepped into the mantel and you are walking in it. So Jon and I will seal it upon you this day. In the name of Jesus Christ Lord God he has it. You have sealed it Father by your apostolic anointing in the name of Jesus Oh God. He will be successful in every area that You send him to Father and every area that You send to him Father in the name of Jesus Christ. We thank you that you give the strategies and you talked to him already about worship and Judah leading the way so he is there already. We thank you for the increase Oh God sealed in heaven as it is on earth.

Teacher Jon- because your father’s vision went just so far God is releasing the next phase of the new vision for this body, the expansion of it and the building of it. In the name of Jesus we seal the vision that is upon you, write the vision and it will be clear.

Sandra H- When we worship God takes us into the supernatural and once we are in the supernatural we can get exactly what it is we need from God. Worship is our warfare. When we are feeling bad in our bodies we need to worship. When our families are acting crazy we need to worship. There is nothing stopping you from worship. If you lift your finger you are worshipping. If you step side to side you are worshipping. We have got to worship because of the days that we are living in right now. When we worship I believe that God is putting a fire of hedge of protection around His people that the enemy cannot penetrate, saturate or infiltrate. So we must worship as He created us to worship and it is something that we should never not do! In the morning you should start with Lord I thank you, before you do anything for you self, or your family worship God. When your eyes open up because He has touched you with the finger of love and given you another opportunity to be in the land of the living. He has more plans for us and we may not know what He is doing with us but when we step out in faith whatever He wants us to do He will allow us to do it with ease.

Dr. Jackie- to Prophetess (Pastor) Brenda- God did not forget you. You are anointed to do what He has called you to do. We erase any doubt in the name of Jesus. You are by his side, don’t forget that. Your eyes are going to see into a greater dimension and it is operating now, a new anointing

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