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Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Teacher Jon- Just as I marked the last 17 years from cicadas to cicadas, from blessing (5/20/04) to the blessing (6/5/21) I am now opening the doors to the floodgates to favor. Don’t look at where the enemy is or what he is doing or trying to stop you, just step across the threshold because the floodgates are opening beyond it.

Deacon Ed- You can fellowship with your problems or fellowship with the solutions. I give the praise to the Lord.

Pastor Tim- Come up higher and don’t fear the fire. I have released the fire upon my church in this hour to continue to purge and cleanse and impassion you. The Lord says it is My desire that you would come up higher. As we look up God begins to pull us up towards Himself and heavenly rain begins to fall.

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