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Pastor Tim- I indeed hold all authority says the Lord. All authority belongs to Me says God. And God says even as you walk under My authority I am causing My authority to be released through you. God says in this day and in this hour, in this time, My church needs to rise up in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. But the Lord says take heed lest you come out from under My authority. God says don’t try to walk in My authority when you are out from under Me. Stay humble! Stay submitted! Let My fire work in you says God. God says you are going to demonstrate the kingdom in this hour. You are going to begin to demonstrate My authority in the work place, the market place says God. I have called you to holiness. I have called you to righteousness. I have called you to love Me with all your heart, with all your soul. The Lord says get ready for I am releasing My body to demonstrate My authority in the earth.

Pastor Brenda- Come to Me My children. Come to Me and ask Me to fill your mouth with the words I would have you to speak and I will fill it. Come to Me My children. Come to Me. Do not speak your own words, speak My words. Come to Me, humbly before Me, open your mouth and I will fill it. Ask Me to give you the words to speak to those who you desire to reach, to speak to those situations that you desire to see change. Come to Me My children, ask Me for the words, ask Me for the power and I will give it to you says the Lord.

Apostle Jackie- The Lord says be aware that I have set this house on fire and I turned up the flames. This house is a healing house, there is a healing anointing in this house.

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